Healthy Self-Healing


In order for human beings to be healthy, it’s imperative to decompress regularly from daily stress and suffering. Just as non-nourishing, poisoning food and drink products are ubiquitous, similarly unhealthy forms of decompression are often heavily marketed and glorified.
With awareness, observation, preparation and intention, we can increase the times we implement healthy patterns and reactivity, instead of self-destructive ones. These are usually used for escapism and avoidance. The problem is that the pain we are trying to avoid is magnified in the future by the costs associated with these negative behaviors.
Many times the reason we implement these are due to B.L.A.S.T. (Bored, Lonely, Angry/Anxious, Sad/Stressed and/or Tired). All of these states are normal and unavoidable. The thing to change is the behavior and mindset associated with each.

Some of the most common UNHEALTHY forms of decompression are:

  • Overeating of high caloric, non-nourishing, food products and drinks
  • Cigarette smoking and other tobacco products
  • Addictive over-use of social media, television, video games, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • Illicit use of illegal drugs
  • Abuse of prescription medications
  • Abusive, toxic relationships, friendships, social outlets
  • Consumerism, especially when it creates a state of financial compromise
  • Negative self-talk and self-image

    Some of the most common HEALTHY forms of decompression are:

  • Physical exercise, walking, bicycling, etc.
  • Restful sleep; Dark room, low disturbance, adequate amount
  • Healthy nourishment, including adequate hydration
  • Journaling; Self-awareness, observation, preparation
  • Healthy friendships and influencers; Including coaches and therapists
  • Meditation; Appreciation, gratitude, present-mindedness
  • Creating a financial “buffer” position through savings, minimalism, curbed spending habits, etc.
  • Creative outlets; Art, writing, teaching, volunteering, etc.

    RN Health Coaching will focus on accentuating and finding new healthy patterns and stress-reactivity, while minimizing or alleviating the negative, unhealthy ones.