MEND’ing Yourself Through Nourishment and Hydration


I do not believe that there is any one particular way for a human being to eat and maintain a sense of health and well being. We are exceptionally complex creatures!
There are certain things that are obviously correct and are consistent for the majority of us. Some of these are:


  • Ingesting calories greater than your average daily expenditure increases the incidence of obesity
  • Ingesting the same or less calories than your daily expenditure decreases the incedence of obesity
  • Chronic obesity will have a negative impact on you living your full lifespan in a maximally functional body
  • Eating foods with a certain level of nourishment promotes a decreased incidence of cancer and some mental disorders
  • Eating foods with a certain level of nourishment aids in the body’s ability to heal itself
  • The ingestion of food and drink products are often used to attempt to decrease stress and suffering
  • It is possible to have a heightened awareness and observation of one’s actions and motivation while ingesting food and drink
  • The primary of these being: Nourishment, Treating or Poisoning

    It is possible through training, analysis, journaling and other sources of influence to increase your knowledge, preparation and ability to make healthy choices
    Together, we will discover:

  • Patterns and reactivity involving food and drink habits
  • Preparation through proximity of nourishing options
  • Correction of incorrect or irrational beliefs regarding food and drinks
  • Data and metric tools, phone apps, and journaling
  • Other sources of influence